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Ingenico switches to eInvoicing


Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions will switch to electronic invoicing (eInvoicing).

Starting in June 2017, invoices will be sent as eInvoices. Invoices will be sent on the 5th of each month.


As Ingenico is committed to building a more environmentally conscious and sustainable business, we are looking to minimize paper usage wherever possible.

eInvoicing is a secure way of delivering invoices that are digitally protected against any changes. The invoice will have a digital signature which will be void if the invoice is altered.

Ingenico is constantly seeking to offer improved and more flexible services. The eInvoicing solution, as requested by many of our clients, is part of this. eInvoicing allows us to deliver invoices faster and in multiple formats. It constitutes a more flexible way of working and conducting business allowing for streamlining business processes, reducing the payment cycle, and creating greater efficiencies.

Moving forward, we will send invoices in PDF format via emails.

The invoice will be sent to the email address indicated in Ingenico's Ogone Payment Platform account: Configuration > Account > Administrative details > Field: Finance e-mail address; or alternatively if Finance e-mail address empty > Field: Administrative e-mail address. Invoices from the past 24 months will still be accessible in the Back Office (Configuration > Billing > Download or eInvoice) in CSV and PDF format. Ingenico is working with an external partner, Order2Cash, to provide eInvoicing. 

Change Management
To ensure you receive the invoicing information, paper invoices will still be sent out along with the eInvoices on the first month of eInvoicing. The paper invoices will be delivered by Pyramid Document Solutions.

What do you need to do?
1. Please verify that the e-mail address(es) in in the Back Office are up-to-date.
To do so, please log into your Back Office using your PSPID and password, and navigate Configuration > Account > Your administrative details. If you wish to use a separate email address from the Administrative e-mail address for the delivery of the invoice , please enter the email address for invoice delivery in the field Finance e-mail address.
2. Ensure your inbox can accept notification from
You could consider selecting Direct Debit as payment option for your Ingenico invoices if you haven't done so.

What if you would like to stick to paper invoices?
If you still require paper invoices instead of electronic invoices, please contact our Support Team via, indicating your PSPID and mentioning Paper Invoice Request in the subject line. In order to comply with your request in a timely manner, we ask you to inform us before the 25th of May.

Any questions?
For any questions regarding the switch to eInvoicing, to request paper invoices, or to provide your feedback, please contact our Support Team via
To allow for a timely response, please mention eInvoicing in the subject line of your email and indicate your PSPID.
For any questions regarding the Order2Cash platform, please consult their FAQs.

Commonly Asked Questions

If I change my mind about paper invoices, can I return to them?
The invoices will be delivered in PDF format. As before, you can access them in PDF or CSV format on the Ogone Platform. Now, they are also accessible in the following formats on the Order2Cash platform: xml UBL, xml IFF and xls.

Can I have my invoices delivered to multiple email addresses?
Currently only the first email address indicated in the Ogone Back-Office will be used to deliver the invoice. If you wish to have the invoice delivered to several email addresses, please create an account on the Order2Cash platform where you can indicate up to 10 additional email addresses for delivery.

If I would like to receive the invoices in a different format, what are my options?
The invoices will be delivered in pdf format. As before you can access them in pdf or csv format on the Ogone Platform. Now, they are also accessible in the following formats on the Order2Cash platform: xml UBL, xml IFF and xls.

I need to consult an older invoice, where can I do that?
Your invoices are stored for 24 months in your Ogone account. All invoices stored on the Order2Cash platform will be accessible for 7 years.

The invoicing email could not be delivered because my inbox was full, can I get it redelivered?
If you missed an invoice delivery, you can trigger a manual resend via your Order2Cash account.

How can I register on Order2Cash?
You can register through the invoice delivery email by following these steps: Open the notification e-mail -> Click on the ‘View invoice’ button -> Click on the ‘Register’ button when the browser window has loaded. Your user name is the email address that receives the invoice. For any questions regarding the registration on Order2Cash, please review the FAQs on the Order2Cash website, or contact the Order2Cash Support using their contact form.