1. Introduction

Cielo is a Brazilian acquirer that allows you to accept VISA and MasterCard payments. With Installments (a popular means of payment in Brazil) you enable your customers to pay with VISA/MasterCard in several installments.

On the Worldline platform, Cielo Installments must be integrated in the DirectLink (server-to-server) mode.

2. Requirements and important notes

To accept Cielo Installments, you need to make sure that:

  • Your contract with Cielo supports Installments
  • DirectLink is activated in your Worldline account
  • Dates of installments: Worldline does not control when the installments take place. This is a contractual aspect to be checked with Cielo directly. However, usually the payment happens 30-31 days after the sale, on business days only.
  • Amount of installments: Worldline does not control the amount of each installment. The installments are automatically calculated by Cielo, as per contractually agreed with Cielo.
  • Minimum amount for installments: Each installment MUST have a minimum amount of 5.00 BRL (meaning that a transaction with 2 installments must have a minimum value of 10.00 BRL; 3 installments must have a minimum value of 15.00 BRL etc.). If not, the transaction gets automatically rejected by the issuing bank.
  • Pay date: The date when you receive the money is as per contractually agreed with Cielo, and thus needs to be checked with Cielo directly.

3. Configuration

No additional configuration is required.

4. Integration with DirectLink

Cielo Installments must be integrated with Worldline DirectLink (cf. DirectLink integration guide).

In your order request, the following additional fields must be sent:

Field Description Format
CREDITCODE (*) Product code: Accepted values:
1- Credit
2- Merchant Installment Plan
3- Issuer Installment Plan
A- Debit
AN, 1
PAYMENTOCCURRENCE Number of installments, min. 2 max. 24.
For credit or debit, use “1”.
N, 2

(* If uncertain, please check with Cielo directly which credit code(s) you can use. Cielo has to enable this in your account with them.)

5. Reporting

You can have the PAYMENTOCCURRENCE and CREDITCODE information returned to you in your reports.

If you log on to your Worldline account, go to "Operations" > "Electronic reporting" (optionally first click "File format") and under the "Dynamic" structure select the fields from the "Available fields" drop-down menu.


The time to activate a payment method depends on the following factors:

  • It generally takes the acquirer or bank about a week to complete your affiliation. If you already have an affiliation, the activation takes a few days.
  • Some payment methods require additional checks before they can be activated, e.g. in case of 3-D Secure, which is requested directly at VISA or MasterCard (and not at the acquirer). 

With Worldline Collect, you can activate several payment methods in one go.

An acquirer is a financial institution that processes payments from certain credit and debit cards. The acquirer is responsible for the financial part of transaction processing and Worldline is responsible for the technical part. In other words, without an acquirer the money will not be transferred to your bank account.

For every online payment method you want to add, you need an acceptance contract with an acquirer. If you’d like advice on which acquirer would be best suited for you and your region, please contact us. If you know which acquirer you want to work with, you can simply select them from the drown down list when adding a payment method in your account. 

But why not let us take care of it for you? Full Service allows you to activate many local payment methods, all at once and in several different countries – with one single contract. If you trade internationally, it could be the ideal way to accept payments from all across Europe. It saves you time-consuming administration and because you can offer more payment methods, it can also increase your revenues. 

Find out more about Full Service here and by contacting us and asking for contract information.

Sometimes it happens that an affiliation number has been put inactive on the side of the acquirer. We suggest you contact your acquirer for this.