1. Introduction

Transaction error codes (also known as NCERROR and NCSTATUS) are rejection reasons our systems receive from acquirers, issuers and our fraud tools. They provide simple explanations for transaction failures and in the Back Office. In this guide, we walk through the most common decline statuses and provide our recommendations. Note that these details below are information interpreted by our platform based on feedback from acquirers and issuers. To learn more about our main transaction statuses, check our Transaction Statuses guide. 

List of statuses

2. How to access error codes?

To access these error codes, go to Operations > View Transactions in the Back Office. Look up the PayID of the impacted transaction. In the details of your transaction, you will see NC ST/ER (which refers to NCSTATUS and NCERROR). Click on ? to have an overview of all possible status and error codes.  

Screenshot of NCERROR in the Back Office

For all transactions (except eTerminal), you can also access this information in your server-to-server feedback.