1. Introduction

Intersolve is an acquirer/issuer specialised in the development, supply and processing of transaction solutions for gift cards and e-vouchers (amongst others).

This guide explains the specifics of the payment process for Intersolve.

2. Payment process

In the Intersolve gift cards payment process, one order can be paid for by more than one gift card, generating several payments for one order.

If the full order amount is not covered by one gift card, the customer can choose to pay the remaining amount by using another gift card, or via iDEAL, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. There is currently no limit on the number of gift cards a customer can use to pay for an order. So it is possible a customer pays for an order with several gift cards to match the order amount.

2.1 Possible payment steps

On the secure payment page, after selecting the gift card he chooses to pay with, the customer will see an indication of the already processed amount and of the amount that still needs to be paid (remaining amount).

If the customer's gift card covers the full amount, he will see the transaction result after entering his gift card details and clicking the "Continue" button.

If the customer's gift card does not cover the full amount, he can pay the remaining amount with another gift card or with iDEAL, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. The details of the first part of his payment (the amount and the masked card number he used) are displayed on the secure payment page.

In the example below, the customer paid 1.00 EUR of the 20.00 EUR with his gift card and now still has to pay 19.00 EUR either with another gift card or with iDEAL, VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

If the customer pays the remaining amount with another gift card, he will see the transaction result after entering his gift card details and clicking the "Continue" button.

If he pays the remaining amount with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), he will see the transaction result after entering his card details and clicking the "Yes, I confirm my order" button.

If he chooses to pay the remaining amount with iDEAL he will be forwarded to the iDEAL bank selection page where he can select his bank and continue to his bank’s website for the payment.

2.2 Transaction view

When you look up an Intersolve transaction via "View Transactions" in your Worldline Account, you will see that one transaction (PAYID/OrderID) can hold several payments.

In the following example screenshot a customer has paid the transaction amount of 25.00 EUR with three different gift cards: two payments of 10.00 EUR and one payment of 5.00 EUR.

The Charge Method column contains the brand name of the specific Intersolve gift card/e-voucher.

3. Payment methods

As soon as one or more Intersolve giftcards are fully enabled in your Worldline account, they will automatically appear on your payment page.

If however you have chosen to offer your payment methods in a selection screen on your own site, allowing the customer to be redirected directly to the correct payment method, you need to make use of the PM and BRAND parameters.

The following table shows the values you can submit with the PM and BRAND parameters for every available Intersolve giftcard:

Giftcard PM BRAND
Aktiesport Intersolve Aktiesport e-gift card
Aktiesport Cadeaukaart Intersolve Aktiesport
ANWB Cadeaucard Intersolve ANWB
Baby Giftcard Intersolve Babygiftcard
Bart Smit cadeaucard Intersolve Bartsmit
Beauty & Parfum Cadeau Intersolve Beauty & Parfum Cadeau
Bedrijfsfietspas Intersolve Bedrijfsfietspas
Blokker Cadeaukaart Intersolve Cadeaukaart
Bruna Cadeaukaart Intersolve Bruna
Cadeaupas Intersolve Cadeaupas
Cook&Co Cadeaukaart Intersolve CookandCo
CoolCat Giftcard Intersolve CoolCat
De Librije Cadeaukaart Intersolve Librijewinkel cadeaukaart
De Nationale Boekenbon Intersolve Boekenbon
Duifhuizen Cadeaukaart Intersolve Duifhuizen
EYE Giftcard Intersolve EYE
Fatboy Giftcard Intersolve FatboyGiftcard
Fletcher Hotel Gift Card Intersolve Fletcher
Gall & Gall Kadokaart Intersolve Gall & Gall Kadokaart
Grapy.nl Giftcard Intersolve GRAPY
HEMA Cadeaukaart Intersolve Hema
Intertoys Giftcard Intersolve Intertoys Giftcard
Jewel Card Intersolve Jewelcard
KELLY GiftCard Intersolve Kelly Giftcard
Leen Bakker Cadeaukaart Intersolve LeenBakker
Lief Kadokaart Intersolve Lief Cadeaukaart
Loods 5 Cadeaukaart Intersolve Loods 5 Cadeaupas
Maxitoys Giftcard Intersolve Maxitoys Giftcard
Mr. Ticket Cadeaukaart Intersolve mrticket
Nationale Bioscoopbon Intersolve Nationale Bioscoopbon
Nationale Bloemenbon Intersolve Nationale Bloemenbon
Nationale EntertainmentCard Intersolve Entertainment Card
Nationale Erotiekbon Intersolve Nationale Erotiekbon
Nationale Kunst & Cultuur Cadeaukaart Intersolve KCultuur Cadeaukaart
Nationale Musicalcard Intersolve Musical Card
Nationale Wensbon Intersolve Wensbon
Perry Giftcard Intersolve Perrysport
Podium Cadeaukaart Intersolve Podium
Sandton Gastro Genieten Giftcard Intersolve Sandton Gastro Genieten
Sandton Giftcard Intersolve Sandton Giftcard
Sandton High Tea Giftcard Intersolve Sandton High Tea
Sandton Lekker Weg Giftcard Intersolve Sandton Lekker Weg
Sandton Weekendje Weg Giftcard Intersolve Sandton Weekendje Weg
Sanoma Prepaid Intersolve Sanoma Prepaid
Score Giftcard Intersolve Score
Sport & Fit Cadeau Intersolve Sport & Fit Cadeau
ToysXL Cadeaukaart Intersolve ToysXL
Van der Valk Cadeaucard Intersolve VanderValkcadeaucard
Verleidingsbon Intersolve Verleidingsbon
Voetbalkadocard Intersolve VoetbalKadoCard
Voetbalshop.nl Cadeaucard Intersolve Voetbalshopkadocard
VVV Giftcard Intersolve VVV Giftcard
Webshop Giftcard Intersolve Webshopgiftcard
Wrapp Cadeaubon Intersolve Wrapp
Xenos Cadeaukaart Intersolve XENOS

4. Payment cancellation and refund

4.1 The customer cancels his payment

If the customer clicks the "Cancel" button on the payment page, interrupting the Intersolve payment process, our system automatically refunds the customer (online) on each gift card he used.

If the customer cancels his iDEAL payment process, he will be offered the choice on our secure payment pages to retry his payment via iDEAL or to complete his payment with another gift card or with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

If he cancels again at this stage, clicking the "Cancel" button on our secure payment page, our system will automatically refund him on the gift card(s) he used.

If the customer cancels his VISA, MasterCard or American Express payment process, clicking the "Cancel" button on our secure payment page, our system will automatically refund him on the gift card(s) he used.

4.2 Refunds

You can only refund an Intersolve transaction manually in your Worldline Account. The refunds are processed offline.

If you make a refund via the "View transactions" result pages, you can make a global refund for each payment linked to an order. When you click the refund button, our system will refund all payments (that haven’t been refunded yet) for the order.

If you make a refund via the "Financial history" result pages, you can make a specific refund gift card by gift card (as opposed to a global refund), for each separate payment linked to the order.


  • Partial refunds are not possible with Intersolve. You have to refund the full amount paid with a specific gift card.
  • A refund is the only maintenance operation on an Intersolve transaction you can perform as a merchant.

  • Refunds must be made within 14 days following the payment.

5. Transaction status specifics

Status Explanation
9 - Payment requested The payment has been accepted.
The refund is not yet completed.
2 - Authorisation declined The payment has been declined.
55 - Stand-by The payment was not achieved.
92 - Payment uncertain A technical problem arose during the payment process with iDEAL, giving an unpredictable result. The status will be recovered via the iDEAL recover process.
8 - Refund The payment has been refunded.

More information about statuses and error codes can be found in your Worldline account. Just log in and go to: Support > Integration & user manuals > User guides > List of the payment statuses and error codes.

6. Look and feel of the payment page

We can display specific warning messages for Intersolve on the payment page. When you use a template for the payment page and you would like to adapt the style of these warning messages to fit the look and feel of your template for the payment page, you can define a style for the following class: cISWarning.

The current style for cISwarning is defined as follows:

<style type="text/css">span.cISwarning{align:center;color:#fb0b0b;}</style>

7. Test cards

You can use the following test data to simulate different scenarios:

Card number Scenario
1111 100 EUR balance
2222 Wrong brand at Intersolve
3333 Wrong currency at Intersolve
4444 0 EUR balance
Any other card number 1 EUR balance

Domande frequenti

Il tempo di attivazione di un metodo di pagamento dipende dai seguenti fattori:
  • L’affiliazione richiede all'acquirente o alla banca una settimana circa. Ovviamente, se l'affiliazione è già attiva, l'attivazione richiede solo qualche giorno.
  • Alcuni metodi di pagamento richiedono controlli aggiuntivi prima di poter essere attivati, ad esempio in caso di 3-D Secure, richiesto direttamente a VISA o MasterCard (e non all'acquirente)

Un acquirente è un'istituzione finanziaria che elabora i pagamenti effettuati con determinate carte di credito e debito. L'acquirente è responsabile della parte finanziaria dell'elaborazione della transazione, mentre Worldline è responsabile di quella tecnica. In altre parole, senza acquirente il denaro non viene trasferito al conto bancario.  

Per ogni metodo di pagamento che si desidera aggiungere, occorre un contratto di accettazione con un acquirente. Per chiedere informazioni sugli acquirenti più adatti per la propria attività e la propria zona, ci contatti per favore. Se si conoscono gli acquirenti con cui si desidera lavorare, basta semplicemente selezionarli dall'elenco a discesa quando si aggiunge un metodo di pagamento all'account. 
Possiamo occuparcene noi? Full Service consente di attivare molti metodi di pagamento locali contemporaneamente e in diversi paesi, con un solo contratto. Se si eseguono transazioni internazionali, può essere il modo ideale per accettare pagamenti da tutta Europa. Consente di evitare lunghe pratiche amministrative e di aumentare anche i ricavi, grazie all'offerta di più metodi di pagamento. 
Scopri di più su Ingenico Full Service qui e contattandoci.

A volte capita che un numero di affiliazione venga disattivato da parte dell'acquirente. Consigliamo di contattare l'acquirente.